Labyrinth of Desire, Sept 2017

New York, NY – Labrynth Of Desire explores the journey of emancipation from the constraints of societal conformity, a paragon presented to the world only to be over- shadowed by the gaze of disillusionment and feelings of estrangement. Realizing that desire in all its forms is about the pursuit of happiness, and understanding that it is attained just before it is lost.
“Woe to him who has nothing left to desire… We enjoy less what we obtain than what we hope for, and we are happy only before being happy.” -Rousseau

About the Artist – Michael Walden, born in North Adams, MA is an artist based in Coastal New England. Received a BA from Framingham University and a year abroad lead to a MFA from Boston University in 1996, specializing in art education. In 2014 Walden was awarded a second MFA from Mass Art. He was named two-time recipi- ent of the Returning Residency Program at the Fine Arts Work Center, (2016-17) and was a returning artist within the Resident Artist Series at the Gallery Ehva, (2011-13). His works have been viewed at Bakker Gallery, Art Stand, and Arnheim Gallery.