Michael Walden wants to take his audience on an exploration of surface and visual narrative. The journey he creates with figure and interior space become important vehicles to understand the very basics of artistic expression and human emotion. He challenges the viewers to move beyond the need to understand a painting and asks that they look for something profound, realizing that art has the ability to change thinking.

An early trip to Europe targeted Walden’s interest in art and architecture. Two years of foundational art at Framingham State University led him to the study of painting in Florence Italy. His natural ability to teach directed him towards earning an MFA specializing in Art Education from Boston University. This degree culminated with a rewarding appointment as artist/teacher at an inner city arts magnet school where he was able to practice his craft.

In 2014 Walden was awarded an MFA in two-dimensional design at Massachusetts College of Art. In 2017, Michael completed his first solo exhibition in New York City at the Leslie Lohman Museum. In 2018, he was awarded his first Artist Residency at the Vermont Studio Center. He has been named a two-time recipient of the Returning Residency Program at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA (2016-17) and was a returning artist within the Resident Artist Series at the Gallery Ehva, Provincetown, MA (2011-13). His works have been viewed at the Bakker Gallery, The Sprinkler Factory, Art Stand, Arnheim Gallery,  S & G Project Gallery, Gallery at FOUR, and Art Scapes Gallery, all in the Greater Boston Area.  In 2019 Walden was included in a retrospective collections show at the Leslie Lohman Museum called Male Gaze: Life, Legend, Legacy.  He was also awarded an artist residency at the Cuttyhunk Island Art Residency.